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Would you like to acquire the mental toughness skills that ensure you consistently perform at an optimal level, even under the most adverse circumstances? Winner's Circle Coaching can help you develop the poise and confidence you need to shine in the spotlight. Our expert performance coaches will work with you to help you:
  • Discover how to control your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you.
  • Sharpen your focus and enhance your concentration, enabling you to minimize and block out distractions.
  • Rebound quickly from set backs and mistakes.
  • Recognize and work through the mental barriers that interfere with peak performance.
  • Discover how to capitalize on your strengths and manage your liabilities.
  • Much, much more.
Working as a team with our coaches, you'll develop a quiet confidence that will transform your perception of pressure from a threat you dread to a challenge you embrace. You'll build a realistically positive perspective to eliminate the negative thoughts that block success while learning how to control and maintain an optimum level of mental energy to turbo-charge your motivation and passion for achievement.

Stepping into the Winner's Circle means moving out of your comfort zone into the success zone. Are you ready to take that all-important next step?

Join the Winners Circle!


Here are some examples of clients we've worked with in the past. Please note, we've concealed the names to protect the successful.

Performance anxiety
Mr. C. was a bright competent lawyer who functioned very well in his career except when he had to go to court.    Read the rest.

Difficulty in groups
Mr. B. was a recently promoted executive in an established bio-tech company who managed all individual interactions well but experienced anxiety in most group situations.    Read the rest.

Stress diminishing performance
Ms. Y was the lead attorney preparing for a costly, high profile arbitration…experiencing many symptoms of stress.    Read the rest.

Laid back personality in fast-paced environment
Dr. L. was an experienced attending physician in an ER of a major teaching hospital.    Read the rest.

Public speaking
Dr. P worked in a dual role as clinician-researcher in a teaching hospital…Dr. P. had a slight speech impediment.    Read the rest.

Interviewing and presentation skills
Mr. S. was a bright, articulate, and competent business consultant who had been laid off from a job and was eager to find a new one.    Read the rest.

Presentation skills
Mr. J's shy, self-effacing interpersonal style was sending the wrong message to potential clients who interpreted it as reflecting weakness and/or incompetence.    Read the rest.

Regaining your confidence
Mr. W was a financial advisor who was having difficulty closing sales.    Read the rest.